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(Government Approved Private College)
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* Student vaccanies available at all grades for the National Curriculum.
* Early childhood development centers for kids aged 2 years and above.
* Opportunities for language and other professional development.

* We warmly welcome highly talented trained teachers qualified from Government and Private teacher training colleges.
* There are also vaccanies available for non-educational staff with IT, Accountancy and Management skills.
* Abillity to communicate well in English and other Local languages is a must.

* We provide financial assistance for financial difficulties of parents to proceed on with studies of the educationof their children.

Student Vaccancies
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Who we are and what we do...

Rathnaloka College is the only government approved college with the authority to teach local students for the whole of Pasdun Rata, located at Matugama in the distict of Kalutara. On 29/12/2011 we enlisted the students and teachers of a well known well established educational institute which had been functioning in Matugama for 7 years. Rathnaloka College commenced formal educational actitvities on 15/01/2013 as an active school.

Currently we have students studying the Sri Lankan Government Curiculum in both English and Sinhala mediums. Rathnaloka College is a school registered under the Department of Education and approved by the government of Sri Lanka before 1960 . We are an unaided private school as per the registration at the Ministry of Education or in other words these are reffered to as a semi government schools by the general public.

The Manager of the school is Mr. P. A. L. Ariyarathna who is a Chartered Management Accountant by Proffession and  his representative for the college is Mrs. D. T. N. Senadhera, who is a veteran teacher, an educationist and an author of several texts. The current Principal is Ven.Matugama Mahanama Thero, who is an award winning veteran Principal of several  schools. These disapamoks work under the guidance and direction of an Honorary Advisory Council guiding the students to excel in future. ( see the list of members of Advisory Council ).

Our vision and mission is established in line with the government policy of developing righteous citizens for the country by providing a quality education rich with activities according to the approved curiculums for the children of the nation. To achieve this goal as a government aproved school, we are well prepared with the necessary qualified staff and all other resources located in a peaceful environment suited for education of children ( see the list of facilities and benefits of the school ).

Rathnaloka College has a firm base of parents and well wishers, which has become our main strength for all activities of the college. The college has shown its strength in its way to the top as the best and most glorious of all private schools in the area from the day one because of this firm base of parents and well wishers  ( see the list of members of School Development Soceity ).

It is also a notable fact that staff members receive Government Pensions and other benefits provided for the schools. Therefore in all aspects Rathnaloka is the ideal place for a student for studies and staff members to work.